Whistler BC

Time Required – Weekend Trip

Distance from Seattle – ~220 Miles, requires valid canadian visa or US green card

Cost – $100-$300PP

Activities – Hiking, Scenic Drives, Mountain Views, Ocean Views

When to go – Summer, Fall, Spring for outdoors, winter for skiing

Website – https://www.whistler.com/

Where to go –Whistler, BC Canada

The drive from Vancouver to Whistler is called the “Sea to Sky Highway”, and it’s for a reason. No matter what time of the day you go, the landscape looks different. Sunset throws a different light through the water to the mountains than sunrise. On your way, make a pit stop at Shannon Falls and Porteau Cove. About 30 miles before Whistler, Stop by the Garibaldi Provincial Park for a Gondola Ride and soak in the View. Once in Whistler, stay on the strip for fun evenings with live music on the street. Next day, take the Peak 2 Peak Gondola for amazing views, Zipline from the adrenaline Rush, go for an ATV Tour or just sit in one of the outdoor bars and sip margaritas.

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