Seattle area has so many hikes I couldn’t possibly list them all on one page. There are sites and books written for this specifically which I refer to from time to time to pick where I want to go. So, on this page, I’ll list some hikes that I’ve been to, and some that are on my list to do. If you are looking to find the most comprehensive source of hikes in all of Washington, wta.org is a great resource. They have recent trip reports, and maps and all kinds of details that you would expect to know before going.

If you’ve never hiked before, there’s always a first time. I wasn’t a hiker when I moved to Seattle. I still am not. But I have started loving mountains, and a good steep walk that rewards you with an incredible view. So I go hiking whenever I can. If kids tag along, I pick sometime less steep, under 4 miles Roundtrip. If they spare me a morning, I try and get 7-8 miles Roundtrip or something steeper. Listing below some of the most common options you can consider if you’re just starting out. As you build strength and interest, you can always find something that can challenge you.


Olympic National Park –

  1. Ruby Beach – 0.8 miles RT
  2. Cape Flattery– 1.5 miles RT
  3. Rialto Beach and Hole in the wall – 4 miles RT
  4. Hall of Mosses and spruce nature trails– 2.2 miles RT
  5. South Fork Hoh River Trail– 4.7 miles/2.5 hours
  6. Quinault Rain Forest loop – 4 miles RT
  7. Klahhane Ridge – 5 miles RT
  8. Shi-Shi beach and point of arches – 8 miles RT

Mount Rainier –

  1. Naches Peak Loop – 3.2 miles RT
  2. Nisqually Vista Loop – 1.1 miles RT